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The first rule of DFZW is that you do not talk about DFZW. These things work now and they could stop working anytime, especially if this info is posted to walls, forums, etc. be discreet!

The following scripts can do a variety of things that might be interesting if you play Popreach Zoo World (on Facebook) but such is the nature of these things that by the time you read this, it might not work any more. If it doesn't, I'm sorry and I might eventually fix it. These things are tricks and not guaranteed in any way.

Always remember to refer to the docs in the groups for which programs are supported by them before asking for help. Many can help with basic things but not everyone has or have tried every program out there and some groups would rather you go to the group that the program is associated with for help as they are the editors of those. Most issues are basic things that are not program related so general issues are usually found in all groups.

If you use chrome based browsers you do not need anything but to click the chrome icon beside program oif choice. Be sure to either disable or remove tampermonkey if using chrome extensions though as most things dont like tampermonkey. If you are on Firefox, you need to install Greasemonkey.

Dan Zoo 1 Cafe

  • Black Rain
  • Purple Rain Lite

This extension should resolve Flash issues

  • Farmville2 X-Press

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